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But, there's always someone listening before time.

The R.A.G. is on everyday - stop by, all are welcomed!

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This website is made possible by: The Johnny Appleseed's Sept.1st, 2014


The Original "43"     Driver's Permits July 20th, 2015

Some History     Some Photos June 1st, 2015 (GOT PICS)

Birthdays        Emails Sept.13th, 2014


Sept. 2nd, 2014... Hello All, seems there was an error in WY5I Donn's "Johnny Appleseed List"

and somehow omitted Bob, N5MFI RAG-DP#162 and Paul, KF6RXB RAG-DP#83 off of that list.

So sorry about that but that the correction has been made to the list.

Again, sorry and thank you for your support.


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